The Real History Behind the Da Vinci Code:

Millions have been enthralled by The Da Vinci Code’s fascinating historical speculations. This comprehensive, encyclopedic volume takes an objective, history-based approach to the phenomenon and the questions it has raised giving easy-to-find, clear answers about the people, places, and events that play roles in Dan Brown’s tantalizing thriller shedding new light on some of the deepest mysteries of the Dark Ages.

The Real History Behind the Templars:

In the year 1119, many noblemen found their calling as protectors of the faithful on a dangerous pilgrimage to newly conquered Jerusalem. Now, historian Sharan Newman elucidates the mysteries and misconceptions of the Templars, from their true first founding and role in the Crusades to more modern intrigues, including:

– Were they devout knights or secret heretics?
– Did they leave behind a fantastic treasure-hidden to this day?
– How did they come to be associated with the Holy Grail?
– Did they come to America before the time of Columbus?
– Does the order still exist?

The Real History of the End of the World: Apocalyptic Predictions from Revelation and Nostradamus to Y2K and 2012:

In entertaining and sharp prose, historian Sharan Newman explores theories of world destruction from ancient times up to the present day- theories which reveal as much about human nature as they do about the predominant historical, scientific, and religious beliefs of the time.

Defending the City of God:

Explore an amazing multicultural world formed of Templar knights, Muslim peasants, Turkish caliphs, Jewish merchants, and the native Christians, along with the children of the first crusaders, blending cultures struggling to survive in a land constantly at war and how a group of sisters, daughters of the King of Jerusalem, whose supporters included Grand Masters of the Templars and Armenian clerics, held together the fragile treaties, understandings, and marriages that allowed for relative peace among the many different factions. And how this was lost as hardline factions took over. Weaving together political intrigues and dynastic battles that transformed medieval Jerusalem, this is an astonishing look at a forgotten side of the first Crusades.