Catherine LeVendeur Mysteries

Death Comes As Epiphany (Book One)

Catherine LeVendeur is a young scholar at the Convent of the Paraclete, famous for learning, prayer, and its abbess, the fabled Heloise. When a manuscript the convent produced for the great Abbe Suger disappears, the Order is put at risk.

To save her Order, and protect all she holds dear, Catherine must find the manuscript and discover who is behind its disappearance. She will risk disgrace, the wrath of her family and Church, and confront an evil older than Time itself.

The Devil’s Door (Book Two)

1140 Anno Domini:
A wealthy countess lies dying at the Convent of the Paraclete, brutally beaten by unknown assailants. Despite entreaties, she is unwilling to name her killer. Beautiful Catherine LeVendeur, the Paraclete’s most learned young novice-scholar, vows to find out the identity of the woman’s attacker.

The Wandering Arm (Book Three)

Heaven has a way of playing with mortals. When the mummified arm of St. Aldhelm is stolen from the Salisbury Cathedral in England, Catherine LeVendeur must find the lost reliquary to save those she loves — and to do so, she must finally confront and come to terms with her family’s Jewish heritage.

Strong as Death (Book Four)

As a former novitiate in the Order of the Paraclete, Catherine LeVendeur has had more than her share of adventures. In fact, intrigue – and murder – seem to dog her path. Despite her hopes to settle down into a life free of these fate has a way of playing with mortals, and after suffering several miscarriages and the birth of a stillborn child, Catherine is inspired by a prophetic dream. She will embark on a pilgrimage to the fabled monastery of Compostela, to petition St. James for a child and to pray. During the journey Catherine will encounter mad monks, some less-than-penitent crusaders, and a motley collection of pilgrims whose past deeds bind them all in a bizarre game of chance. When several pilgrims are gruesomely murdered, the trail of evidence points to an old sin left unshriven and a hidden villain whose quest for revenge may end in Catherine’s death.

Cursed in the Blood (Book Five)

Cursed in the Blood finds Catherine LeVendeur venturing into the cold and tumultuous homeland of her husband – only to realize that vast differences between his family and her own. She has been looking forward to an idyllic life at home in Paris but her dream is shattered when news arrives from her husband’s family: his two oldest brothers have been ambushed and murdered, and he must return to Scotland to help avenge their deaths.  Catherine accompanies him and begins a new adventure.

A stranger in a strange land, in a country ravaged by civil war, any haven found will only be temporary until the murderer or murderers are unveiled.

The Difficult Saint (Book Six)

Catherine LeVendeur has returned home to live a life of peace at last–or so she hopes. But soon the safety of those she loves is threatened as anti-Jewish sentiment begins to grow in Paris.

Meanwhile, Catherine’s estranged younger sister, Agnes, has returned to Paris with the news that she has been promised in marriage to a German lord. Agnes wants no part of it, except for the sizable dowry, that Hubert can provide. When Catherine and Hubert arrange for Agnes to be escorted to Germany with her dowry, they assume that they have seen the last of her.

But then one of Agnes’s escorts returns to Paris with terrible news: Agnes’s new husband appears to have been murdered by poisoning, and Agnes is the prime suspect. Will Catherine, in the face of strong anti-Semitism, be able to save her sister and find the truth behind who is the real culprit?

To Wear The White Cloak (Book Seven)

Catherine LeVendeur is an independent spirit, fiercely loyalty to both her faith and her family. The two sometimes conflict, but even though she has experienced joy and loss, her life remains committed to preserving what-and who-she loves.  Catherine’s loyalty is sorely tested, however, when she and her family return to France after a long absence, and discover a Knight Templar has been brutally murdered-and someone threatening to reveal Catherine’s closely held secret about her family’s Jewish roots. She must protect herself and loved ones by discovering who would kill a soldier of God.

Heresy (Book Eight)

Catherine LeVendeur is fiercely loyal to both her faith and her family but her loyalty is tested because of a dreaded family secret. Raised a devout Catholic, she knows that if her family’s Jewish roots are exposed, all she loves will be destroyed.  But how far will she go to protect that secret?

The Outcast Dove (Book Nine)

Catherine LeVendeur’s dearest cousin Solomon, travels to Spain to make his fortune, where he is drawn into a scheme to try to rescue a Jewish girl taken by Christians during the conquest of the Spanish city of Almeira. To complicate matters, and sorely vex his heart, Solomon encounters his long-lost father Jacob, a man who rejected his Jewish faith and is now Brother James, preparing his own trip to Spain to ransom Crusader knights taken by the Moslems. When a fellow monk is killed by an attacker in the street late at night, it’s put down to a random mugging. But James, who is carrying the ransom money, believes that he will be the next target. Circumstances force him to turn for help to the son he abandoned.

The Witch in the Well (Book Ten)

When Catherine’s grandfather sends for his family to tell them their well is going dry, Catherine is alarmed. The family’s wealth depends on its status, and if the well goes dry, their castle will fall. Her grandfather however seems wracked with a deeper fear. When bodies being appearing–not ghostly specters, but freshly-dead humans–Catherine knows she’s right, and must uncover the secrets of the witch in the well… a mysterious woman who is either old or young, dead or alive–depending on whom you ask.

Death Before Compline:

If you’re looking for more Catherine LeVendeur Mysteries, several short stories are also found collected within Death Before Compline for your enjoyment.