The Guinevere Trilogy

Sharan Newman offers a reinterpretation of the Arthurian saga. A story of the golden child whose dearest friend is a saint who hears spirits singing; of the gentle-hearted woman who begins to dream of love, glory, and the fierce, proud king who will become her husband; and of the passionate beauty whose name will be remembered and hated for centuries.

The Chessboard Queen:
Following the events of first book Guinevere is now the beautiful young wife and queen of King Arthur, a position much-coveted by all women of Camelot. However, soon Guinevere discovers–most alarmingly–her deep and passionate love for another man: Lancelot, the most beloved Knight of the Round Table in all of Camelot.

Guinevere Evermore:
Guinevere is widely acknowledged as the most extraordinary woman in legend. From golden child to Queen of Camelot to passionate adulterer, her life is a vivid and fascinating saga. Bear witness to a spellbinding climax to the tale of Guinevere and the end of an era.